Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hair Saviour

I've really been trying to keep my hair in good condition recently. I've stepped away from the bleach, had every split end removed and am slowly cutting down on the heat I use on my hair.
I have been searching to find the products needed to make my hair constantly feel as soft, shiny and thick as when I last stepped out of the hairdressers and I thinkkk I may be on my way to finding them!
I'm always asked at the hairdressers if I use any treatments and always feel slightly embarrassed and ashamed when I have to say 'no' and receive that disapproving look from the stylist!
So, last time I was at the hairdressers I was offered a complimentary moisturising treatment as I had to wait for my stylist to finish up with her last client and I jumped at the chance! My hair felt soooo noticeably soft, thick and healthy afterwards and this lasted for a good few weeks after my visit.
I then decided to invest in my own treatments to use at home to try and keep this effect year round. I wasn't actually told the brand or name of the treatment used on me so did a little bit of researching on the salons website and think I may have found the one used on me. It's by an American brand called Sebastian Professional, the product is called Hydra professional deep moisturising treatment. I found this on lots of websites but the cheapest was on eBay, I managed to find this for £10.60 rather than around £20 on most other online stores.

I have used this product twice so far (and I think I'll get about two more uses out of it) and I'm pretty impressed! I use this product on wet hair but before I have used shampoo or conditioner.
I use about the same amount as I would conditioner (which for me is quite a lot as I have quite long hair and generally just use quite a lot of it on my hair).
So, I smother this in my hair and then (here comes the attractive part), I cover my whole hair in cling filmed, wrapped all the way around the top of my head! I generally twist my hair in to a kind of top knot on the top of my head before wrapping to keep all the hair together.
Next, I get my hairdryer and put it on its warmest setting and hold this over my whole (cling-filmed) hair for 5-10 minutes. This does actually feel like a really long time when you're not drying any hair, just heating it up! But trust me, it is an essential part of the process!

(Everything you will need:)

I then wrap my hair in a towel to try and keep in some heat and sit around for about 20 mins (normally scouring the internet for new blogs to read!).
After this time I heat my hair on the warmest setting again for another couple of minutes and then remove the cling film and rinse. This product is designed to be use pre-shampoo so I then wash and dry my hair as normal and voila shiny, smooth, thick hair is all yours!!
I am really impressed with this product although I haven't managed to make the effect last quite as long as it did post-salon but I think that may have something to do with the fact that I am using a hairdryer for heat rather than a salon heater.
I really feel that using this product once a week will help to keep my hair in a great healthy condition!

Let me know if you have any hair products you think are worth trying to get this effect too! :)
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