Saturday, 30 March 2013

Neon nights.

Forever 21 Blazer
Zara Top
Topshop Leigh Jeans
Zara Shoes
Zara Bag

I wore this outfit out on Thursday night in Shoreditch for my friends birthday meal and drinks. We ate at Pizza East (garlic bread, pizza and cinnamon doughnuts mmmm) and then went to a couple of bars and then on to Hoxton Pony.

I really fancied injecting a bit of spring time colour in to my outfit despite the freezing temperatures, so after running around Westfields Stratford like a crazy lady on Thursday afternoon, managed to find this amazing blazer in Forever 21! I can't seem to find it on the website at the moment but they do have a really good range of other affordable blazers online, I believe this cost me £22.75 which is not bad at all!

I didn't want to be dressed too smart so paired this with my faithful Topshop Leigh Jeans, a black vest top from Zara and my studded Zara shoes which I loveeeeee.

This blazer is pretty thin and I didn't fancy freezing in London all night so threw on my Zara (notice a theme here?!) camouflage fur lined coat over the top. I can't wait to be able to wear this blazer in the summer, maybe with a pair of white shorts and sandals.

On another note, I made this yummy Malteser and marshmallow tray bake the other day and though I would share a picture of it with you!!

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Very. Exciting. Purchase..!

I have just bought a Canon EOS 650D DSLR camera!!!.. I'm so excited for it to arrive on monday so I can't start playing with it and learning how to use it properly.

I have been lacking in the outfit posts department recently but am planning for this to all change once I have this beautiful camera!

I bought mine from ProCameraShop because it had the best price (and for anyone that knows me- you know I like to do my research!) and it also has a really high amount of good reviews on the google shopping site.

So from now on I promise to take as many pretty pictures as I can for my blog and am also planning on really improving on my photoshop and other geeky tech skills.. I can't wait to get started!

If anyone has any suggestions of cute camera cases that would be great because I really dont fancy wandering around with a huge ugly, black, padded camera bag next to my Mulberry!! haha
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Friday, 15 March 2013

Perfect pores please..

I am on a mission to have a perfect, clog-free, smooth as a babies bum complexion so, after scouring blogs and the boots website I decided to purchase these two products; 'Effaclar Duo' by La Roche-Posay and 'No Clogs Allowed' by Soap and Glory.

I'd read about Effaclar Duo on quite a few blogs and seen that everyone was raving about it but still wasn't really sure what it actually was. I decided to go for it and buy it anyway (in the 3 for 2 deal at boots!) to see what all the fuss was about.
Effaclar Duo is a cream-gel that promises to be a 'complete skincare solution' for skin with signs of imperfections. The main ingredients are used to protect the skin against breakouts and blemishes forming and to unclog pores. Luckily enough, I don't suffer too much from spots so I was looking for this product to clear out my pores and leave my skin looking bright and clear.

I originally wasn't sure if this product was supposed to be used instead of moisturiser or as something extra. The creme-gel is actually quite moisturising despite having ingredients in that tend to dry out skin (to dry up spots and get rid of oil) so I don't feel like I need to use moisturiser on top of it.
I use a small amount to cover my whole face (about as much as in the picture below) paying particular attention to my nose as this is where I really notice that my skin can get clogged up and oily.

After using this my skin felt fresh, soft, smooth and not at all oily.. this makes a great base for make up and I feel like my make up actually looks better sitting on top of this than my regular moisturiser.
I have noticed the skin around my nose is improving in that pores appear smaller and clearer and I think after I have used this for another week or so they will be virtually invisible.
This is a great product to use every day to maintain your complexion, I have been using this every morning for a week now and have been switching between my regular moisturiser and this product at night to try and find the perfect balance for me. I have read people saying that if you use this twice a day you may begin to feel your skin is not as moisturised as it could be which makes me think I may stick to the Effaclar Duo in the morning (especially as it is a great base for make up) and moisturising normally at night to avoid this.

Now, the second product I have used to try and combat oversized pores is 'No Clogs Allowed- super self heating deep pore detox mask'.  I felt like I needed a mask to get deep down in to my skin to clear it of all the general dirt that gets trapped in our pores. I have had really good experiences with other Soap and Glory products and had seen this product had even won awards for how effective it is so thought I should definitely give it a go.

As this is a deep detoxing mask, it is only designed to be used once or twice a week so I've only managed to use this once so far but am planning on using it again tonight!
This mask is super easy to use and is also super effective at giving the skin a deep clean, reducing pores and getting rid of blackheads. 
To use 'No Clogs Allowed' I cleaned all the make up off my face (with Bioderma Sensibio H2O) and squeezed out a grape sized dollop on to my finger -it is important to shake the tube before using it otherwise you will end up with a watery oil coming out before the rest of the mask.
I then smoothed this all over my face and then wet my fingers under the tap to start smoothing this in in circular motions. Even though the box says 'Super self heating' I hadn't really thought about the fact that this would actually heat up when putting it on my face (I think it is the reaction with the water that creates the heat). There really is a proper heating sensation that does get quite warm, this only last for a minute or so though and isn't uncomfortable, it was just more of a surprise to me than anything else! At this point the mask will also turn from white to blue which means the 'Poreclear technology' has been activated.

I left the mask on my skin for a few minutes and then washed it off in circular motions with the sponge provided. My skin felt so clean and refreshed after using this and my pores looked significantly reduced and clearer. I also really noticed that the texture of all of the skin on my face felt a lot smoother which helped overall to improve the appearance and brightness of my complexion.
I will definitely continue to use this product at least once a week as I feel like having a deep clean of my face is really important considering the amount that the skin in this area goes through everyday with make up and pollution etc. I really love the fact that Soap and Glory products generally do exactly as they say they will and this one does not disappoint!

If anyone has any suggestions about other products you've used to reduce the appearance of pores I'd be really interested to know! :)

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Converse  White Oxford Trainers
Zara Black and White Studded Sandals
Topshop Richard Hi-Vamp Sandals
Zara Coral Ballerina with Metal Toe Cap
Zara Wedge Espadrille

I may as well have just written an 'I <3 Zara shoes' post today, because it's true I do!! I think they have one of the best selections on the high street at the moment and have done for a while.. I couldn't leave out a couple of others though (can't imagine a Like.Want.Need. post without at least one item from Topshop!)

So, these white Converse All Stars lace up trainers are a perfect base for a nice casual, weekend outfit- however, what I really wanted was a pair of these with glitter!! I saw a hairdresser at my salon with these colour converse on but they had small silver glitter on the white canvas, not completely covering it like a thick glitter but just a nice glitteryness (defo not a word). I can't seem to find the exact pair online so I think this calls for a customisation task with some glitter fabric paint (like this). I love a little creative task and this would be so easy so I think this is something I'll end up doing one weekend.

LOVEEEEE these Zara Black and White Studded Sandals, these would look amazing with a pair of printed silk trousers for Spring/Summer. Bold, patterned heels are something we are going to see a lot of this SS so I think these would be a great way to try out the trend without being too outrageous.

These Topshop Richard Hi-Vamp Sandals are pretty much perfect. They are also sold out online so it seems lots of other people feel the same way I do about these! I used the store checker and found that they are still available in my local store (Stratford City Westfields) and in my size so it is worth having a look in to if you want to get your hands on these beautiful shoes. I think the buckle detail is what makes me want these so much!

How cute are these Zara coral ballerinas?! The gold hardware on the toe gives them such a pretty, interesting edge and the colour would look amazing with a pair of nice bright mid blue jeans (like these- which i have).

These espadrille wedges from Zara are only £39.99 which I think is actually really good price for a shoe like this which can be worn over and over again with so many different summer outfits. I would go as far to call these a 'Spring Summer staple' item! I really like that the metallic strip gives them an interesting  on trend twist.

I think i may have gotten a little bit too obsessed with shoes today by dedicating a whole post to them, but I hope this may have inspired your spring summer footwear wardrobe.. I'd love to see some of your shoe finds, particularly bold, statement, patterned heels as this is a trend I'm really loving!

Sorry if you have snow outside and I'm rambling on about the summer- I think this is me being a bit over optimistic but hey, a girl can dream... 

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Friday, 8 March 2013

Things I am excited about right now..!

I'm feeling quite happy and excited about things at the moment..
You may have noticed that I have now got my own official, real life, grown up website url... soooooo, welcome to!!!!
I know this is such a small thing really and everyone has them but it still made me pretty excited.
I would like to celebrate like this..

..Buttt I will more than likely be celebrating with a glass of pinot grigio and a chicken and green peppers pizza from Dominos (which is still pretty good in my mind).

The second thing I am very excited about at the moment is that I am starting my own business..
I am going to be doing Gelish gel nails! I have been wanting to start some sort of nail business since before I started uni, around 3 years ago and now I have finally decided to go for it.
Gelish is a gel polish system by a company called Nail Harmony, the products used apply like a normal nail polish but are cured by an LED or UV light and act and wear like a gel.
I have bought so many different bits and pieces needed to start my business and can't wait to properly get going. Every delivery of different bits I have ordered gets me more and more inpatient to start. Who knew nail buffers, cuticle oil and beauty boxes could be so exciting?!
I did my first set of nails on my sister and am actually pretty impressed with myself.. Choosing more colours to buy is going to be a challenge as they offer such a large range but I'm sure I'll cope (or maybe just end up buying every single one!!).
I'm planning on practicing for a while and then by the time I go back to Uni in September I'll be completely ready to start my mobile business. I'll most probably being doing a few more posts about how this is going with pictures of different colours and designs I've tried out which I hope will be of interest to you!
Here is the current colour selection..

So far i have bought; Deep Sea, Emerald Dust, It's A Lily, Sweet Morning Dew, Bella's Vampire, Backstage Beauty and All Dhalia-ed Up.
What colours do you guys like? Any favourites? I'd be really interested to know :)

Oooh also, I'm getting my hair done on Sunday and should hopefully be going a little darker but I'm sure I'll end up doing a post about that too.

I think that's all for now, have a lovely weekend!

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I think I'm in love..

The Mulberry Willow SS13 collection has made my little heart melt, it is so perfect!
There are five size variations of the Willow; the Oversized Willow Tote (far left), then the Willow Tote, the Small Willow, the Oversized Willow Clutch and the Willow Clutch (far right)... and I want all five!
I think I have decided that the Small Willow is my favourite.. (see below)

I also love every single colour in this bag too (minus the black with silver hard wear version that I have missed out of this image)
The Small Willow Tote costs £1250 or £1650 if you go for the calf and ostrich mix versions (the navy, apricot and white) so I don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon, unless I win the lottery!

Ahhh a girl can dream....

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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hair Saviour

I've really been trying to keep my hair in good condition recently. I've stepped away from the bleach, had every split end removed and am slowly cutting down on the heat I use on my hair.
I have been searching to find the products needed to make my hair constantly feel as soft, shiny and thick as when I last stepped out of the hairdressers and I thinkkk I may be on my way to finding them!
I'm always asked at the hairdressers if I use any treatments and always feel slightly embarrassed and ashamed when I have to say 'no' and receive that disapproving look from the stylist!
So, last time I was at the hairdressers I was offered a complimentary moisturising treatment as I had to wait for my stylist to finish up with her last client and I jumped at the chance! My hair felt soooo noticeably soft, thick and healthy afterwards and this lasted for a good few weeks after my visit.
I then decided to invest in my own treatments to use at home to try and keep this effect year round. I wasn't actually told the brand or name of the treatment used on me so did a little bit of researching on the salons website and think I may have found the one used on me. It's by an American brand called Sebastian Professional, the product is called Hydra professional deep moisturising treatment. I found this on lots of websites but the cheapest was on eBay, I managed to find this for £10.60 rather than around £20 on most other online stores.

I have used this product twice so far (and I think I'll get about two more uses out of it) and I'm pretty impressed! I use this product on wet hair but before I have used shampoo or conditioner.
I use about the same amount as I would conditioner (which for me is quite a lot as I have quite long hair and generally just use quite a lot of it on my hair).
So, I smother this in my hair and then (here comes the attractive part), I cover my whole hair in cling filmed, wrapped all the way around the top of my head! I generally twist my hair in to a kind of top knot on the top of my head before wrapping to keep all the hair together.
Next, I get my hairdryer and put it on its warmest setting and hold this over my whole (cling-filmed) hair for 5-10 minutes. This does actually feel like a really long time when you're not drying any hair, just heating it up! But trust me, it is an essential part of the process!

(Everything you will need:)

I then wrap my hair in a towel to try and keep in some heat and sit around for about 20 mins (normally scouring the internet for new blogs to read!).
After this time I heat my hair on the warmest setting again for another couple of minutes and then remove the cling film and rinse. This product is designed to be use pre-shampoo so I then wash and dry my hair as normal and voila shiny, smooth, thick hair is all yours!!
I am really impressed with this product although I haven't managed to make the effect last quite as long as it did post-salon but I think that may have something to do with the fact that I am using a hairdryer for heat rather than a salon heater.
I really feel that using this product once a week will help to keep my hair in a great healthy condition!

Let me know if you have any hair products you think are worth trying to get this effect too! :)
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