Saturday, 30 March 2013

Neon nights.

Forever 21 Blazer
Zara Top
Topshop Leigh Jeans
Zara Shoes
Zara Bag

I wore this outfit out on Thursday night in Shoreditch for my friends birthday meal and drinks. We ate at Pizza East (garlic bread, pizza and cinnamon doughnuts mmmm) and then went to a couple of bars and then on to Hoxton Pony.

I really fancied injecting a bit of spring time colour in to my outfit despite the freezing temperatures, so after running around Westfields Stratford like a crazy lady on Thursday afternoon, managed to find this amazing blazer in Forever 21! I can't seem to find it on the website at the moment but they do have a really good range of other affordable blazers online, I believe this cost me £22.75 which is not bad at all!

I didn't want to be dressed too smart so paired this with my faithful Topshop Leigh Jeans, a black vest top from Zara and my studded Zara shoes which I loveeeeee.

This blazer is pretty thin and I didn't fancy freezing in London all night so threw on my Zara (notice a theme here?!) camouflage fur lined coat over the top. I can't wait to be able to wear this blazer in the summer, maybe with a pair of white shorts and sandals.

On another note, I made this yummy Malteser and marshmallow tray bake the other day and though I would share a picture of it with you!!

 photo lovecharlotte3_zps0e6b7a4c.png


  1. Hello! I just found your blog and love it Charlotte :) you have lovely style and your shoes are amazing!

  2. Love your outfit choice, the Jacket is great for change of season but the boots are just question are they comfy?

    really enjoying your blog


    1. Thanks Judith!
      I won't lie, they aren't the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn but they're by no means unbearable at all!! But anyway, when they're this pretty it really doesn't matter! haha

  3. Love the shoes!!!

    Kayleigh xx

  4. i love your last picture. looks yummy ^^

    wanna follow each other?

  5. eeeek I love that blazer!! been looking for a lime coloured one for ages now! Just bought an amazing jumper in the same shade :)
    Chloe xxx

  6. Love the blazer! Great color!


  7. Love your style. I can never find cute shoes like that when I go to Zara !


  8. I love your Shoes!!!

    I love your blog! Nice outfit!
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  9. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! :) Come check out my blog for details.



  10. i definitly love your shoes! they are so so so beautiful and you combinate them perfectly <3

  11. lovin' your shoes ! your long legs suit you! i wish i had them too. xx

  12. Shoes are amazing! Have to get them xx

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