Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday snap..

Hellooo! Really sorry for the lack of posts recently! But here is a picture of me that my Boyfriend took when he was messing about with my camera this morning.. We were just off to do a bit of shopping- the results of which I will show to you all soon!
I fancied wearing something really comfy and casual so threw on my Topshop navy/black/white striped leggings and a new white studded Topman(!) tee with my mint Vans.
All of my attention recently has been focused on work and growing my nail business (website is almost finished thank god!). All I have been looking at recently is blogs about nails, peoples nail art pinterest boards and Gelish colour swatches! I'm really excited to improve my nail art skills and will hopefully be showing some of this off to you soon..
In other news, me and a group of friends are going to see Beyonce on Saturday!!!!! I'm super excited and have no idea what to wear.. I'm sure I'll be sharing some pictures from the night so will let you know what I choose!

Hope you're all having a lovely Sunday... Can't wait for my Sunday roast mmm...

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Spring purchases..

I have been a very bad blogger and I am sorry!! I haven't posted in over 2 weeks because I've been so busy recently with work and getting my nail qualifications and just general life seems to have taken over. I feel like I haven't had a minute to myself for weeks!.. I have collected a few new spring purchases that I though I should share with you though!

The justification for the majority of the things I have bought recently is that they are for my holiday in the summer with my boyfriend (2 weeks in Turkey, I can't wait!!) butttttt really I just can't help myself sometimes!

I can't even remember how I came across this necklace but once I saw it, I knew I really wanted it. I just imagined it against tanned skin in the sun and it was sold!! I got it from a random online jewellers called Sparkling Jewellery.

I'm always wanting to find new, cute phone cases because I'm too scared to walk around with a naked iPhone! I normally buy them from eBay for a few pounds but they can be a bit hit and miss. When I was browsing Accessorize recently I spotted a really great selection of eye catching good quality cases and knew straight away that I definitely wasn't going home without one (I even had to wander around the shop for ages debating between two different desgins!). They have a good selection of hard and soft silicone cases for all different phones and devices which you can find here. I prefer soft silicone cases but thats just me!

I bought these cat eye sunglasses from River Island on Oxford Street on a quick, spontaneous run in after dinner with a friend. I fancied some new black sunglasses and really like the cat eye shape as I've never had any like that before. It's not too much of a crazy cat eyed shape so they don't look over the top for everyday wear which is great, and at only £10 I'm very happy!

I bought the Enrapture Extremity heated rollers after reading so many good reviews of them on blogs recently. I normally just use my Remington Pearl wand (which I can't recommend enough!) to put a wave in my hair, but fancied seeing what the fuss was all about with these. I bought them from John Lewis and at the time they were only about £40 because they were on promotion at Tesco and John Lewis had price matched. Tesco had actually sold out of them and I just happened to get a really good deal! I have only tried these once so far and I think I need to take a bit of time to perfect a good technique with them but I can see them being a really good product, especially for nights out.

I got this glittery beigey, taupy, comfy jumper from M&S in the sale! I can't say I often shop for clothes in Marks and Spencers but I spotted this on a quick trip to buy some Percy Pigs. It was reduced from £35 to £15 and is really comfy and looks great with jeans and converse for a casual day look and would also be a great little cover up for cool summer evenings.

I have been scouring the internet recently for bikinis and ASOS have definitely impressed me with their huge selection. I had spotted this bikini by an Australian brand called 'All About Eve' but hadn't bought it because it was £50 which is pretty out of my price range for one bikini!! It then went down to £30 in the sale and I had to have it! Can't wait to wear this on holidayyyyyy..

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Monday, 1 April 2013


Topshop Maxi Dress
Topshop Sandals
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
H&M Trousers
River Island Bikini
Topshop Dress

So, as you can probably tell, I reallllllly want it to be summer right now!! I've just had a week off work so have had lots of time to shop online and may have happened to accidentally book a holiday for July! 
This has inspired me to start shopping for my summer wardrobe..

I love the blurred pink floral print on this Topshop maxi, it also has really cute cut out detail on the front and back. I think this dress would be so perfect for a summer wedding with sandals or dressed down for a bbq with a denim jacket and sunglasses.

I really really want to buy these Topshop sandals so badly.. I had a similar pair of leopard print ones from Next last year that I loved and practically wore every day until they broke so these would be a perfect replacement. They're sold out in a few sizes now though so may have to consider ordering the size up and hope that they fit.

So, I've heard a lot about Estee Lauder double wear foundation and think it's about time I give it a try. A foundation with a bit of staying power is something I really need. For some reason, I tend to touch my face a lot during the day, particularly around my chin and mouth, which rubs off the make up in these areas. I'm hoping that this foundation will not rub off at all and will leave me with a really smooth looking complexion.

How cute are these H&M blue ditsy floral print trousers?! I love that they're ankle grazer length so will look great with sandals or converse/vans type shoes. These are so much more exciting that regular jeans for spring.

I found this necklace while looking through The Hunt, which is a really great website that I've come across recently. The site basically allows you to upload pictures of things (generally clothes, jewellery, shoes, home items) that you've seen on the internet or wherever (images are mostly taken from tumblr, we heart it, instagram etc) and you can ask other users to help you find where the item can be purchased from. I think this is such an amazing idea because theres been so many occasions in the past where I've seen something I like but even after endless googling still cant seem to find where it's from!
This necklace is from a seller on Etsy called Jenny and Jude, it's rolled gold and turquoise and is sooo pretty. I can just imagine how nice this would look against a tan..

I really like the print design on this bikini from River Island and also think the little zips add a really nice detail. When I'm on holiday I absolutely refuse to wear anything during the day with straps because I hate tan lines so this will be perfect for me.

This teal/turquoise tshirt dress from Topshop is already majorly selling out!! This is one of those things that is so easy to wear but is also such a statement item. I can imagine just throwing this on over a bikini for lunch by the beach or adding some jewellery and cute sandals to go out in the evening.

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