Sunday, 24 February 2013

What I Wore

Vila at ASOS blouse
Zara necklace
Topshop black Leigh jeans
Topshop Alegra stud boots (sold out from last AW- you can find similar on eBay!)

Sorry I've been away for a little while, my internet has been completely broken at home! I've had so many blog posts I've wanted to do so am so excited to be back online!

I bought this blouse from ASOS a few days ago when they had an up to 50% off brands event so I managed to get this for only £20! I love the bright neon print print and think this will be a great transitional piece from AW to SS as its really light and neon is going to be a key trend this summer.
I have been trying to get away from buying sheer blouses recently because I hate having to look for something to wear underneath them but with this print and the black background it isn't such an issue with this piece.

I love love love this necklace I bought from Zara a few weeks ago, I've been wearing it with everything from old band t-shirts to sweatshirts to blouses like this! Chunky statement jewellery can really dress up any outfit or give a bit of a fashion edge to everyday casual outfits and I can't wait to buy more. I have seen quite a few nice bits of jewellery on Etsy, you can get some really great items that not everyone will have and you can also get some great bargains!

I wore this outfit to work a few days ago and think I'll definitely look into injecting a few more neon pieces in to my wardrobe soon..

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Saturday, 9 February 2013


Canon 650D
Topshop stripe dress
H&M boots
H&M iPhone case
Superdrug Vitamin E body scrub
Topshop nail vanish in 'Keepin' it real'
Topshop black Leigh jeans

I reallly want a Canon EOS 650D DSLR camera, I have been reading loads of reviews on the internet about different cameras and I think this is the one I would definitely want. I'm not too experienced in using DSLR's (except for photographing the fashion ranges at work) so would have to do a lot of experimenting and practicing with it.. Just need to wait for the money fairy to visit me and it'll be mine..

This underwear set is from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's range for Autograph at Marks and Spencers. I love the detail in the bra in particular and love how this is so pretty but also so wearable! I think navy is a really gorgeous alternative to black underwear, in this set I would personally buy the Brazilian knickers because I just think they look so much nicer. This set works out at £50 which is quite expensive for an underwear set but this set boasts that it is 'swiss made', I presume this means it is of a higher quality to normal, being M&S I imagine this will be of very high quality anyway.

I want to get this striped dress from Topshop just to wear casually for work and weekends, I wear a lot of t-shirt style dresses at the moment with tights and boots because I just find them so easy and effortless to wear yet they look really good. I like how this could definitely be a transitional piece between AW and SS, this would look so cute with a tan and a pair of sandals for the daytime. I may be slightly getting ahead of myself with the whole summer thing in February, especially as it's forecast to snow here again this week!

I bought these H&M boots last weekend and have already worn them to work a few times and out to the pub, they look great with jeans, disco pants and dresses with tights. I was planning on buying the Topshop Amos boots in my previous Like.Want.Need. post but when I tried them on in the shop there was just something about the heel that didn't look right to me. I went in to H&M afterwards and saw these boots for only £24.99 and knew I had to have them!

I love the graphic floral print on this iPhone case from H&M, I'm definitely going to buy it as soon as i get the chance. I have been looking for a new case and fancied something in red/pink tones, I bought one on eBay but wasn't majorly impressed with it so will be interested to see what this one will be like when I see it in the shop.

This Vitamin E body scrub from superdrug is my absolute favourite. It has quite a harsh grain with a kind of sand like texture which I like as it feels like it gives you are really good scrub and actually properly does the job of a body scrub. I really dislike body scrubs that are more of a shower gel with some little ball like grain in, I feel no effect from them on my skin at all. After using this body scrub I can dramatically feel the difference in my skin texture and am not left with a horrible slimey residue on my skin that I find is always left behind from other scrubs. I would definitely recommend this and am going to go out a buy a new bottle of this very soon!

I think Topshop nail varnishes are great as there is so much choice in colour and they are surprisingly good quality and not too expensive. This pale pink colour is really cute for spring- again my mind thinking that were almost on the brink of spring summer when we really aren't!

You may have noticed that this is the second time Topshop leigh jeans have been on my wishlist, but I bought the blue pair and now reallly want to get another pair in black. They're just such a great fit for me and the fabric is so much softer than a normal denim which I really like. Everyone needs a pair of staple black jeans so these are a definite must buy for me at the moment.. I'm sure you'll get to see them in an outfit post very soon!!

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

20 random facts about me

Soo, I have been seeing lots of people doing blog posts with facts about themselves recently and thought I'd give it a go! I found it so hard to think of even 20 facts about me, I don't know how some people are managing to do 50!!
Here goes...

1.  I am a really fussy eater, like realllllllly fussy!! I’ve tried to broaden my horizons slightly recently- all I have really gained from this is that I can now eat beef burgers and a different brand of soup.. I’ll eat pretty much any kind of chocolate or dessert given to me though!

2.  I have only ever been to Disneyland once at the age of 21! (Just a few time less than my crazy friend Faye <3) I went with my wonderful boyfriend last October and loved it! 

3. I have Crohn’s disease, I have really good treatment for it now though, the day I could eat garlic bread and pizza again was the best day ever!

4. I’m a summer baby and would love it to be summer all day, every day!! One year I’d love to travel the world and completely avoid winter, it’s a weird thought that that is actually possible to do that, the tan would be amazing..

5.  I’m currently on my placement year from Uni working as a Merchandise Assistant, my ultimate career goal is to become a fashion buyer and I will make it happen!

6. I go to University in Bournemouth and study Business Studies, I love Bournemouth and am really excited to move back in September.

7.  I love rubbish TV, anything that involves the Kardashians or any kind of programme like that, like the new Chasing the Saturdays programme, pretty much anything on E!

8. I do also like good programmes, I’ve just finished all of the series of Breaking Bad... My boyfriend got me in to this programme, he loves having a series to continually watch.

9. I’m quite obsessed with Mulberry.. I currently have 3 of their bags; an Oak leather Bayswater, a large black patent Roxanne tote and a Black forest Lily with tassels (see it in this post), and I also have an oak purse to match my Bayswater. And even better, I haven’t paid full price for any of them!

10.  I have 2 tattoos, one on the left hand side of my hip/lower back area and one on the back of my right ankle.

11.  I also have 8 piercings; 2 in one ear lobe, 3 in the other and my tragus on the same ear, my nose and my belly button (I don’t wear a piercing in my belly anymore though)

12. I have one younger sister called Nicole, she is almost 18 but I refuse to believe she is growing up!

13. My favourite film is ’10 things I hate about you’ which came out in 1999. This makes me feel old.

14. I have been getting highlights since the age of 12 so don’t really know what I look like with my natural hair colour… I have gone a bit darker recently though, I did a post about it!

15. I love maltesers a lot, in my first month of working in an office I bought and ate a whole share size bag of them every single day… until I soon realised this is a sure way to put on lots of weight very fast and had to cut back on my malteser love :(

16. I want to have really long hair, I call it mermaid hair, I’d like it to be at around waist length.

17. I once hitchhiked to Paris with my friend Amy. We hitchhiked on a roundabout and got a lift with some army people, we then hitchhiked again at another roundabout and got a lift with an old couple, then blagged our way on to a polish coach full of old polish women watching polish movies, we then got a lift in the back of a van, then blagged a ferry to Calais then hitchhiked to Paris CDG airport which was absolutely completely empty, so we blagged a bus and train in to Paris and ended up right underneath the Eiffel Tower. We did this all for charity and raised a few hundred pounds between us :)

18. I can’t wait to one day own my own house and decorate every single room to perfection!

19.  I’m obsessed with shopping, mainly online these days- I’ve always got at least one shopping website open on my laptop.

20.  I’m really good at remembering the lyrics to songs, even songs I don’t even realise that I know!

I'm such a nosey person so would love to read other peoples facts, comment the link to your post or anyone else's you think are interesting :)

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Monday, 4 February 2013


Just a quick one, I don't fully understand this google+ friends thing, so you can follow me on Bloglovin too, seems so much easier! 
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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Hair obsession!

So, I have been pretty obsessed with hair colour recently, so much so that I made a 'hair inspiration' folder of pictures on my phone and had been showing it to pretty much anyone that would look at it.
I have naturally fairly dark brown hair but have been getting highlights since I was 12 (I'm now 21) so can't realllly remember what my natural hair colour looks like.
After years and years of wanting to be blonder and blonder I finally reached the point where enough was enough, my hair had started to look really brassy, patchy and dry and my roots were constantly on show. I had had so many highlights packed in so tightly that my roots came through as pretty much a block line. (This wasn't helped by the fact that 8 months ago I decided to get a scalp bleach rather than highlights- absolute worst decision ever!!!)

As you can see, I had a go at multi-coloured dip dying (which I do actually still like) and had a full fringe cut in at one point, but the whole time my hair was all over bleach blonde. I did like my hair at some of these points but, being a poor student, I couldn't afford to carry on having a full head of highlights done every time and was fed up of the bright blonde look.

So, I was constantly on the look out for photos of how I wanted my hair that I could show to the hairdressers (not having a regular hairdresser made this whole process even more difficult!).
I toyed with the idea of going completely dark brown, a la Kourtney Kardashian!

But I thought this might be a bit of a drastic change and had also been advised against this by friends and hairdressers.

Then, I started coming across pictures of browny, blondey, natural looking hair that I thought would be the perfect in-betweeny colour for me, I also thought this would be easier to achieve than any other kind of colour.
Here are some of the pictures from my 'Hair Inspiration' folder!-

I'm sure you get the idea of what I was going for now! 

Anyway, so next I went to the hairdressers with my folder of pictures hoping that they'd say how wonderful my idea was and how this would be so simple to do to my hair etc etc. As you can probably guess, this isn't the answer I got! 

I was told that because my hair had been so bleached in the past that nothing would really change the colour of it and that my only option to get to the kind of colour I wanted was to go through the process of having highlights and lowlights and letting my hair grow until the highlights and lowlights were all you could see.. I reluctantly agreed to this as the other option I was given was to dye my hair red and then brown! I have never ever wanted red hair and was told that this method would give me an orangey, brown colour and this was definitely not something I wanted.

On the day of going to the hairdressers I had a different colourist to the one I had originally spoken to and after showing her my collection of pictures she gave me my options;
I could either go with the original idea of boring highlights or now for the option I went for..

I had a whole head of highlights with a bleach and a creamier blonde colour, then all of the bits that weren't in the foils were dyed bright orange(!) then tinted brown.
The whole orange dye part of this process was pretty terrifying, the bowl was filled with a carrot/tomato soup coloured mixture that was being painted on to stands of my white hair, it's fair to say my heart was racing at this point!
After this had been on for while I was taken over to the sinks and the orange was washed out and covered with a brown tint and my foils were taken out. 
I had a lovely treatment put on my hair and was put under the heat for a little longer so still couldn't really see my hair colour (the tension really was killing me!- so far I'd been there for about 2.5 hours!)
Once I was taken to have my hair cut I was pleasantly surprised to see how dark my hair had gone as really I was originally expecting to dissapointly leave with a hair colour pretty much the same as when I'd walked in!
I don't have too many pictures of the finished result but here are a couple;

They had to take quite a bit of length off of my ends because they were so split and dry, but now my hair feels and looks so much thicker so it was worth it.
I really love my new hair colour and wish I'd done it sooner!! I have been told I need to get some good colour protecting shampoo to keep the brown from fading and was recommended Wella SP Colour Save which I've found on eBay for much cheaper than advertised in the salon.
Sorry if I rambled on a bit too long in the post but I literally could talk for days about hair at the moment!
I wasn't aware of the options I had with colouring my hair at its bleach blonde stage and had almost begun to accept that I'd have to have hair I didn't really like for the foreseeable future so I hope this may help anyone that is in the same situation as I was! The change really wasn't as scary as I'd expected either and I really am so happy with my new colour! 

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