Saturday, 9 February 2013


Canon 650D
Topshop stripe dress
H&M boots
H&M iPhone case
Superdrug Vitamin E body scrub
Topshop nail vanish in 'Keepin' it real'
Topshop black Leigh jeans

I reallly want a Canon EOS 650D DSLR camera, I have been reading loads of reviews on the internet about different cameras and I think this is the one I would definitely want. I'm not too experienced in using DSLR's (except for photographing the fashion ranges at work) so would have to do a lot of experimenting and practicing with it.. Just need to wait for the money fairy to visit me and it'll be mine..

This underwear set is from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's range for Autograph at Marks and Spencers. I love the detail in the bra in particular and love how this is so pretty but also so wearable! I think navy is a really gorgeous alternative to black underwear, in this set I would personally buy the Brazilian knickers because I just think they look so much nicer. This set works out at £50 which is quite expensive for an underwear set but this set boasts that it is 'swiss made', I presume this means it is of a higher quality to normal, being M&S I imagine this will be of very high quality anyway.

I want to get this striped dress from Topshop just to wear casually for work and weekends, I wear a lot of t-shirt style dresses at the moment with tights and boots because I just find them so easy and effortless to wear yet they look really good. I like how this could definitely be a transitional piece between AW and SS, this would look so cute with a tan and a pair of sandals for the daytime. I may be slightly getting ahead of myself with the whole summer thing in February, especially as it's forecast to snow here again this week!

I bought these H&M boots last weekend and have already worn them to work a few times and out to the pub, they look great with jeans, disco pants and dresses with tights. I was planning on buying the Topshop Amos boots in my previous Like.Want.Need. post but when I tried them on in the shop there was just something about the heel that didn't look right to me. I went in to H&M afterwards and saw these boots for only £24.99 and knew I had to have them!

I love the graphic floral print on this iPhone case from H&M, I'm definitely going to buy it as soon as i get the chance. I have been looking for a new case and fancied something in red/pink tones, I bought one on eBay but wasn't majorly impressed with it so will be interested to see what this one will be like when I see it in the shop.

This Vitamin E body scrub from superdrug is my absolute favourite. It has quite a harsh grain with a kind of sand like texture which I like as it feels like it gives you are really good scrub and actually properly does the job of a body scrub. I really dislike body scrubs that are more of a shower gel with some little ball like grain in, I feel no effect from them on my skin at all. After using this body scrub I can dramatically feel the difference in my skin texture and am not left with a horrible slimey residue on my skin that I find is always left behind from other scrubs. I would definitely recommend this and am going to go out a buy a new bottle of this very soon!

I think Topshop nail varnishes are great as there is so much choice in colour and they are surprisingly good quality and not too expensive. This pale pink colour is really cute for spring- again my mind thinking that were almost on the brink of spring summer when we really aren't!

You may have noticed that this is the second time Topshop leigh jeans have been on my wishlist, but I bought the blue pair and now reallly want to get another pair in black. They're just such a great fit for me and the fabric is so much softer than a normal denim which I really like. Everyone needs a pair of staple black jeans so these are a definite must buy for me at the moment.. I'm sure you'll get to see them in an outfit post very soon!!

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  1. Love all these items!! I love casual dresses that you can dress up a little for evening :)

  2. ive heard a lot about those cameras i could so do with one for my blog! im your newest follower hun! id love you to check out my blog x

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  4. LOVE that dress! Can't get enough of stripes x

  5. Love the boots and the phone case! Great blog! I've followed :-)