Thursday, 7 February 2013

20 random facts about me

Soo, I have been seeing lots of people doing blog posts with facts about themselves recently and thought I'd give it a go! I found it so hard to think of even 20 facts about me, I don't know how some people are managing to do 50!!
Here goes...

1.  I am a really fussy eater, like realllllllly fussy!! I’ve tried to broaden my horizons slightly recently- all I have really gained from this is that I can now eat beef burgers and a different brand of soup.. I’ll eat pretty much any kind of chocolate or dessert given to me though!

2.  I have only ever been to Disneyland once at the age of 21! (Just a few time less than my crazy friend Faye <3) I went with my wonderful boyfriend last October and loved it! 

3. I have Crohn’s disease, I have really good treatment for it now though, the day I could eat garlic bread and pizza again was the best day ever!

4. I’m a summer baby and would love it to be summer all day, every day!! One year I’d love to travel the world and completely avoid winter, it’s a weird thought that that is actually possible to do that, the tan would be amazing..

5.  I’m currently on my placement year from Uni working as a Merchandise Assistant, my ultimate career goal is to become a fashion buyer and I will make it happen!

6. I go to University in Bournemouth and study Business Studies, I love Bournemouth and am really excited to move back in September.

7.  I love rubbish TV, anything that involves the Kardashians or any kind of programme like that, like the new Chasing the Saturdays programme, pretty much anything on E!

8. I do also like good programmes, I’ve just finished all of the series of Breaking Bad... My boyfriend got me in to this programme, he loves having a series to continually watch.

9. I’m quite obsessed with Mulberry.. I currently have 3 of their bags; an Oak leather Bayswater, a large black patent Roxanne tote and a Black forest Lily with tassels (see it in this post), and I also have an oak purse to match my Bayswater. And even better, I haven’t paid full price for any of them!

10.  I have 2 tattoos, one on the left hand side of my hip/lower back area and one on the back of my right ankle.

11.  I also have 8 piercings; 2 in one ear lobe, 3 in the other and my tragus on the same ear, my nose and my belly button (I don’t wear a piercing in my belly anymore though)

12. I have one younger sister called Nicole, she is almost 18 but I refuse to believe she is growing up!

13. My favourite film is ’10 things I hate about you’ which came out in 1999. This makes me feel old.

14. I have been getting highlights since the age of 12 so don’t really know what I look like with my natural hair colour… I have gone a bit darker recently though, I did a post about it!

15. I love maltesers a lot, in my first month of working in an office I bought and ate a whole share size bag of them every single day… until I soon realised this is a sure way to put on lots of weight very fast and had to cut back on my malteser love :(

16. I want to have really long hair, I call it mermaid hair, I’d like it to be at around waist length.

17. I once hitchhiked to Paris with my friend Amy. We hitchhiked on a roundabout and got a lift with some army people, we then hitchhiked again at another roundabout and got a lift with an old couple, then blagged our way on to a polish coach full of old polish women watching polish movies, we then got a lift in the back of a van, then blagged a ferry to Calais then hitchhiked to Paris CDG airport which was absolutely completely empty, so we blagged a bus and train in to Paris and ended up right underneath the Eiffel Tower. We did this all for charity and raised a few hundred pounds between us :)

18. I can’t wait to one day own my own house and decorate every single room to perfection!

19.  I’m obsessed with shopping, mainly online these days- I’ve always got at least one shopping website open on my laptop.

20.  I’m really good at remembering the lyrics to songs, even songs I don’t even realise that I know!

I'm such a nosey person so would love to read other peoples facts, comment the link to your post or anyone else's you think are interesting :)

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  1. Love your blog! What online shopping stores would you recommend? xxxx

    1. Hi! Thanks so much :) I generally shop online at,, and, hope this helps!

  2. Awww Charlotte, I liked this post made me smile in lots of places. Love you lots