Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Converse  White Oxford Trainers
Zara Black and White Studded Sandals
Topshop Richard Hi-Vamp Sandals
Zara Coral Ballerina with Metal Toe Cap
Zara Wedge Espadrille

I may as well have just written an 'I <3 Zara shoes' post today, because it's true I do!! I think they have one of the best selections on the high street at the moment and have done for a while.. I couldn't leave out a couple of others though (can't imagine a Like.Want.Need. post without at least one item from Topshop!)

So, these white Converse All Stars lace up trainers are a perfect base for a nice casual, weekend outfit- however, what I really wanted was a pair of these with glitter!! I saw a hairdresser at my salon with these colour converse on but they had small silver glitter on the white canvas, not completely covering it like a thick glitter but just a nice glitteryness (defo not a word). I can't seem to find the exact pair online so I think this calls for a customisation task with some glitter fabric paint (like this). I love a little creative task and this would be so easy so I think this is something I'll end up doing one weekend.

LOVEEEEE these Zara Black and White Studded Sandals, these would look amazing with a pair of printed silk trousers for Spring/Summer. Bold, patterned heels are something we are going to see a lot of this SS so I think these would be a great way to try out the trend without being too outrageous.

These Topshop Richard Hi-Vamp Sandals are pretty much perfect. They are also sold out online so it seems lots of other people feel the same way I do about these! I used the store checker and found that they are still available in my local store (Stratford City Westfields) and in my size so it is worth having a look in to if you want to get your hands on these beautiful shoes. I think the buckle detail is what makes me want these so much!

How cute are these Zara coral ballerinas?! The gold hardware on the toe gives them such a pretty, interesting edge and the colour would look amazing with a pair of nice bright mid blue jeans (like these- which i have).

These espadrille wedges from Zara are only £39.99 which I think is actually really good price for a shoe like this which can be worn over and over again with so many different summer outfits. I would go as far to call these a 'Spring Summer staple' item! I really like that the metallic strip gives them an interesting  on trend twist.

I think i may have gotten a little bit too obsessed with shoes today by dedicating a whole post to them, but I hope this may have inspired your spring summer footwear wardrobe.. I'd love to see some of your shoe finds, particularly bold, statement, patterned heels as this is a trend I'm really loving!

Sorry if you have snow outside and I'm rambling on about the summer- I think this is me being a bit over optimistic but hey, a girl can dream... 

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  1. love this! and love the blog girl! can't wait to read more!

    love, rach.

  2. gotta love the converse! if u do a diy job with the glitteryness (hehe!) i hope u do a post on them! xx

  3. Love the plain white converse, look so nice with most things!

    I really love your blog, I have followed you :) Just to let you know, I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award, all details of what you have to do are on my post at:
    :) xx

  4. Love the Zara wedgies !

    Faye xxxxx


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  6. lovely list, girl.
    in love with those studded sandals ;}X