Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mulberry love

So, this is my first outfit post! One of many to come I'm sure, and a perfect opportunity to introduce you to my new Mulberry bag.
I bought this Mulberry Lily With Tassels in Black Forest Soft Matte leather in the sale on Christmas Eve for half price!! I must admit it was a complete impulse purchase but I couldn't resist adding to my ever growing Mulberry collection (which I'm sure you'll see more of in my future posts).

I love all of the detail in this bag; the studs, tassels, chain and hardware all make it so perfect. I haven't had many opportunities to wear this bag yet but can't wait to start getting proper use out of it.
Mulberry bags are pretty much my only luxury/designer obsession, I just love everything they do and their whole company ethos and image. I can imagine Mulberry to be a brand that will be part of my wardrobe forever, everything is so timeless and the quality of the leather and workmanship is something you could never find on the high street.

I feel like this outfit has a 70's kind of look to it which I really like- with the denim and gold buttons and the curls in my hair, the skirt also has a bit of a flare to it which adds to this too.

Missguided denim dress
Topshop gold studded slippers
Mulberry Lily with Tassels bag

You may have noticed the change in my hair colour from my first post. I'm planning on doing a post about my hair this week, I haven't been able to stop talking or thinking about hair colours recently so wanted to share some of my hair inspiration!
 photo lovecharlotte3_zps0e6b7a4c.png


  1. cute outfit and in love with the mulberry bag! look forward to reading more of your posts :)
    following xx

  2. I'm in love with that bag! So cute!

    I have Nominated you for the Liebster award. Full details on my blog check it out :)

    Louisa xx